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Name:Peter Hale
Birthdate:Nov 3
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America

Computer Hope
Peter Hale is the eldest surviving member of the Hale werewolf pack in Beacon Hills. Seven years ago, his family home was burned down by a werewolf hunter, burning the majority of the family alive, including the children. Peter was trapped in the fire, but managed to survive, though he was severely burned and catatonic. Placed in a convalescent home by his niece and nephew--Laura and Derek Hale--Peter spent the next six years trapped in his head, healing very slowly. Never particularly stable, these six years drove him over the edge, and he plotted vengeance for his family. Unable to heal himself fully, Peter lured his niece Laura back to town and killed her. As Laura was the Alpha of their pack, upon her death, Peter absorbed her power and became the new Alpha. Healed and powerful, Peter embarked on a quest for vengeance, turning a teenage boy named Scott McCall into a werewolf to begin his pack, and killing everyone in town who was connected to his family's slaughter. When his quest for vengeance got out of hand, Derek and Scott banded together with others and confronted Peter. Derek ultimately killed him and became the new Alpha.

Peter had considered this eventuality, however. Before going into the final fight, he attacked Lydia Martin, a girl who he knew had powers of her own and who was immune to a werewolf's bite. Instead of turning, Lydia discovered she carried a part of Peter inside her, and he was able to communicate with her from the grave. After haunting her for weeks, Peter set out his plan and what he needed from Lydia. Following his instructions, she performed a ritual that resurrected Peter, though he was severely weakened upon his return to life.

Peter joined forces with his nephew Derek to hunt down and destroy the latest threat to their town and friends and provided the information that saved the life of Lydia's boyfriend who had been turned into a monster by Derek's bite. When members of Derek's pack went missing, Peter spent the summer helping Derek locate them and prepare for the arrival of an Alpha pack in town. While Derek didn't like him and still only minimally trusted him, he did allow him back in his pack. Though he stuck to the shadows and sidelines more than anything else, he provided valuable information for the pack against the enemies they faced. However, his true motives remained unknown, though it can be certain he is up to something.
Coming soon.
OOC Information: RP Universes

Midnight Cinderella: X-Over verse with The Originals. Description and thread tracking.

Bad Things: (Xover verse with The Originals). Description and thread tracking.

Canon: Will be just that. Canon as it develops. :-D

Open: Everything else. :-) I'm always open for new interaction, meeting new players and pups, so feel free to jump in and say hi and see where it goes.

Note on 'ships: I'm a huge Pydia shipper and my Lydia is [personal profile] wantadistraction. I'm open to other ships and getting Peter out and about. Xovers are love. Particularly interested in Peter/Isaac, Peter/Chris Argent & Peter/Hayley (from TVD/TO).
Kinda evil but kinda hot
Physical Description: 5'10", short brown hair, very blue eyes. Broad shouldered and chested, well-defined muscles all over. He's not super slim, but everything's tight. His general dress is relaxed, but very put together. Nice fitting jeans, v-neck t-shirts and sweaters--all of them occasionally a little on the tight side. Favors long leather coats when being more sinister. His blue eyes glow bluer when he's a wolf or accessing his wolf powers. What his full wolfed out form looks like now is a question--we haven't seen him fully wolfed since his resurrection, but it was a near total transformation to a huge wolf-man when he was the Alpha.

Point in canon at which he enters games: Post S3 mid-season finale.
Where to find Peter: Communities
[community profile] thecityneversleeps (hopefully soon)
[community profile] sixwordstories
[community profile] bakerstreet
[community profile] the_love_hotel
Disclaimer: Peter is from Teen Wolf and thus is the property of MTV and Jeff Davis. I make no claim of ownership, and no copyright infringement is intended. I'm just borrowing Peter for RP and fic purposes and promise to return him unharmed.
Mun and muse are both well over 18.

Peter is played by [personal profile] ladyofbrileith.
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